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In-Person Meetings are back to LARC! 


If you missed the December 1st meeting, you missed a great Potluck and a great Maître d'.
dining-room attendant, restaurant attendant - someone employed to provide service in a dining room.


Fellow hams,
This event is managed annually by Steve WX2S who kindly took us into this event as a Wild Card Station back around 2016. Without Steve agreeing to allow us to be a Wild Card Station, we would not be doing this as an ongoing annual event. Thank you Steve!

I am taking this opportunity to thank all of you who volunteered, for participating in the special event, Fire Prevention Week, 2022, using the special call VE3FIRE.
You all gave of your time to make this event a success, even though sometimes the bands did not cooperate, sometimes very noisy, sometimes rapid QSB, and of course, tough going on Friday night and Saturday due to several other events happening at the same time like the NY QSO Party, the WAG contest, and lots of POTA activity.
It is at times like this where being able to work stations, despite the crowded bands, becomes a real learning experience. It is at times like this where we really hone our operating skills.
We ended up with a total in excess of 1200 QSO's, which exceeded my own hope for 1000 contacts. A small dedicated group of hams doing a great job.
Thank you all for your contributions to the Special Event, those who operated , and a special thank you to VA3XLC, Lee, and VA3EKY Ke Yin, who joined VE3ACW, Mike, VA3CBN, Greg and me VE3KGK, as observers and loggers at the Club Station on Sunday/Monday..
A thank you to AL VE3GAM who came in on Monday afternoon and did a two hour stint.
A special thank you to Doug, VE3IDT who not only operated, but did the amalgamation of all the logs and sent them to Steve. Doug also fielded many phone calls from me during the week to help with my ongoing computer illiteracy. Thanks Doug!
Thank you also is due to John VA3MSV for providing a running view of the operation on his web page.
I would like to express my personal appreciation for having been able to use the VE3LON Club station at the Wing, and to Mike VE3ACW for opening and closing the station and staying there both days until we closed down the operation at that location.
Again, a sincere "Thank You" to you all for participating in the event and making it a successful event for a small band of dedicated operators. I hope you all had as much fun as I did, and your support was very much appreciated.
Time now to look forward to 2023 when we will put on the Special Event again using VA3FIRE as the special call.
David VE3KGK
LARC Special Event Coordinator


Events for LARC Members to Participate and Past Meetings

Special Group : PI and Kit Builders

Previous Meetings of LARC held on Zoom for 2021-2022 can be found here.

Past Meeting Videos for the club Centennial can be found here.



 Want to become part of this great hobby!

From the Saturday after Labour day to early December, excluding the Thanksgiving weekend, we present the Basic Ham license course.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

How to become an Amateur Radio Operator (Ham), for more detail go here.

Do you need an examiner to provide a test for your license, a list can be found here.

Register now for the upcoming basic course here.

Resources on getting your ham license are available here.


Interesting Articles  

Get your club Lanyard by coming to any meeting and asking an executive, more details here.

Past Interesting Articles are here. 


 Club Meetings: Meetings are Back being held at the 427Wing.

September through June, LARC meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month ( note this is a change from previous years, which were held on the Second Thursday of the month). The meetings start at 19:30. Location of meetings is LARC Club station, 427 Wing, 2155B Crumlin Road North London, Ontario (43.033766, -81.1589447) There are a variety of guest speakers, and you will have a chance to meet other hams to discuss your interests in amateur radio. All hams, SWL’s and interested individuals are welcome.

 Grid Square information can be viewed here.

 Club Station Tours:

The LARC Club station is located at, 427 Wing, 2155B Crumlin Road North London, Ontario (43.033766, -81.1589447) 

If an individual or group wish to have a tour of the club station, they can drop by any Saturday between 10am and 12:00 noon. Generally on Fridays members come to the club station around 11:00 and stay until 2:00. The 427 Wing has a lunch special every Friday at a nominal charge of $10.00.

It would be suggested that you email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in advance to make us aware of your interest in the tour.

Notes from our meetings

Presentations from our meetings will be posted here

Do you have a project you want funding for that will benefit the club!

See the guidelines for LARC Projects here and submit to the president, for executive review.  

Canadian Ham-Radio Callsign Database:  Search for the callsign information of Canadian Ham Radio operators (optimized for cell phones) 



The club's logging software and a contributor to our HAMFEST door prizes offerings is N3FJP.









Amateur Radio Newsline - "Your independent source of Amateur Radio news for today's radio amateur."

eHam.net - "ham radio on the net'"

ARRL - "The national association for Amateur Radio - News and Features."

QRZ.com -  A site to lookup Hams as well as information.

DX Daily -  Site dedicated to the art/science of DX chasing