We are very fortunate to have our small club station located at the Secrets of Radar Museum where a
small group of us gather on contest weekends to have fun operating. Given that our antenna is just a
simple wire loop, we know we are not going to have the highest scores, but we hone our operating skills
and enjoy the camaraderie as we participate in various contests. Given the modest set upwe have there
we still make quite remarkable contacts all over the world, and on contest weekends we usually have
two or three stations up and running using the loop, a wire dipole and sometimes a derivative of the all-
band dipole antenna designed by Bob Rice VE3HKY. We have lots offun and we all improve our
operating skills as well. 

Come out and see the fun you can have operating in a contest without the pressure oftrying to achieve
a world high score. 

Good luck! You may find contesting addictive. 

David VE3KGK 


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