You can become a club member for this 2019/2020 Centennial year for $50 per year individual or $60 per year family (defined as all the hams residing at the same address).  You can join at any meeting (Check main page for meeting information) or fill in and mail this application (click here)

To save time at a the September and October club meetings, please fill in the printed form (legibly) and bring it it with the membership dues. Of course blank forms will be available at the meetings anytime.

September through June, LARC meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month. Meetings begin at 7:30 pm, 427 Wing, 2155B Crumlin Road North London, Ontario (43.033766,-81.1589447). There are a variety of guest speakers, and you will have a chance to meet other hams to discuss your interests in amateur radio. Coffee and donuts are available, and a draw is held at each meeting. All hams, SWL’s and interested individuals are welcome.


As well as helping to support the local ham radio community, you receive regular email newsletter and a local member directory. Contact the membership director on the executive or drop by a meeting to join.