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Annual Christmas Potluck Dinner
A great time was had by all. Lots of food and comaraderie.
LARC 2023 Ham of the Year 
Bogdan Scarlatescu - VE3YOB
20231209 112221
Fox News
In our Fox hunt on Nov 19, every one of the 4 hound teams managed to find the fox, which might be a record. The Kraken Krew (Richard PNK and Corrie CVL) arrived first, after 39 minutes, but Alison ZAH was just 1 minute behind. John & Sharon Visser showed up at the 1:38 mark, and Kevin KBI snuck in one minute before the end of the hunt at 4 PM.
This may be the last hunt for a while, as Doug the Fox will be slowly recovering from surgery. Unless someone else wants to try being the fox?
Cheers,    Doug Elliott  VA3DAE     


Get your certificate to commemorate the 2000th Edition of the 2 Meter Net:

Get your personalized certificate once you have made a successful contact with the 2000th Monday Night 2 Meter Net (October 9th, 2023).

All you have to do is after completing your QSO enter your callsign below and click on submit.  The certificates are in PDF format. After the certificate is shown, you can print it, save it, e-mail it, frame it, etc.

Here is a sample of the certificate.



Final Report on VA3FIRE Special Event for Fire Prevention Week

October 8th to 14th 2023

The Special Event for Fire Prevention Week using the calllsign VA3FIRE is now over.

I would like to thank all who participated in a great effort.

The following are those who operated from home or from the Club Station:

Mainly from home:

Doug VE3IDT, Lee VA3XLC, Frank VE3FBZ, Brian VA3ATB, and Jorge VE3EAD.

Mainly from the Club station:

Bogdan VE3YOB, Luke VA3ZLS, Greg VA3CBN, Bob VE3AMW, Al, VE3GAM, Ruth VE3RBO, Alison VE3ZAH, Mike VE3ACW, John, VE3YEO, Corrie, VE3CVL, and David VE3KGK.

Other ham support:

John, VA3MSV, who made his web page available so we could check our progress daily. A big ‘thank you’ to John for doing this.

A big ‘thank you’ to all who helped by volunteering to operate during the event. We ended up with 1904 contacts, which is a very respectable showing. Again, thank you for participating and making this effort to promote fire safety so successful.

A special ‘thank you’ to Bogdan who did a lot of work prior to the event with setting up the daily schedule, and he also spent a lot of time at the Club operating, logging and mentoring during the week.

Thank you also to Mike ACW who was on hand to help with operating and logging for other operators during the event.

And my thanks to Doug, VE3IDT who handles the conversion of the various logging files sent to him into one large ADI File prior to sending it off to the US QSL Manager, KF2IRE in New Jersey.

The support I got from all of you made this event a big success and a big THANK YOU! To you all. See you again for VB3EMS next May? And again, for VE3FIRE in October 2024?


David VE3KGK, Special Event Coordinator.


Tuesday night Elmer net merging into the ARES net


Due to dwindling participation, I'm merging the Tuesday night Elmer Net into the Wednesday night ARES Net, which starts at 8 PM on the VE3OME repeater. Our next course starts September 9, and we'll resume Tuesday night Elmer nets after the end of the course in mid December.

    - Doug Elliott VA3DAE



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From the Saturday after Labour day to early December, we present the Basic Ham license course.

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