Photo by Joshua Austin
Winter Field Day 2024 is now over. Thanks to all who participated. We had 11 participants who made close to 500 contacts over a 24hr period. It was encouraging to see a number of SWLs getting on the air. The following people participated:
Joshua Austin SWL 
Rick Brown VE3IMG
Raymond Halonen VA3ZCR
Thomas Hart VE3TFH
Joy Jolie VA3JJQ
Jay Knops VA3PRR
Dave Lambert VE3KGK
Dave McCarter VE3EI
Brad Phillips VA3BPP
Mel Sheehan SWL
Michael Watts VE3ACW
Special thanks to Dave McCarter, Dave Lambert and Michael Watts for their on-air coaching to those new to Winter Field Day. We hope to see the same level of participation or better in all upcoming Special Events.