Thanks to all those who participated in Winter Field Day 2023 event at the station. It was a big success. According to the logs, the following people participated:

VE3CVL - Corrie Van Amelsfort
VA3DWL - David Ledyit
VA3YV - Rick Brown
VA3ZLS - Luke Scarlatescu
VE3ACW - Mike Watts
VE3EAD - Jorge Ferero
VE3EI - Dave McCarter
VE3KGK - David Lambert
VE3NIS - Corbin Lippert
VE3XDM - Gary Wabersich
VE3YOB - Bogdon Scarlatescu

There may have been one or two others who came out, but I am not sure if they operated as they were not in the log.

We made 689 contacts in about 18 hours of a 24 hour event. We ran 3 stations of which 2 were phone and 1 cw.
Our log entries have been submitted to the Winter Field Day contest manager. 

I hope everyone had a good time and I hope to see the same level of enthusiasm and participation at the next club station event.

Rick Brown